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What Phoenix 6th graders saw in the sky during the solar eclipse

"It was like, wow,” said sixth grader Yasmin said.

PHOENIX - “Do you see it!?" asked elated sixth grades at Papago Elementary School during Monday morning’s celestial show.

Their excitement was as intense as the sun's rays behind that pesky moon getting in the way during the solar eclipse.

A little cloud coverage over Phoenix made it challenging, but the right eyewear—50 pairs of them, bought with donated money—provided a spectacular view.

"It was like, wow,” said sixth grader Yasmin Wallace. “It was my first time seeing one."

But hopefully it will not be her last, with the next annular eclipse over the U.S. coming in six years—another total eclipse the year after.

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"It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences,” said sixth grade teacher Tim Kanoor. “We've done some mathematical equations to figure out the proposition of it. And we've done science projects around it."

And the eye protectors made a world of difference for these students.

"I was very grateful,” Wallace said. “Some teachers probably wouldn't have cared if the students were able to see it, and my teacher cared about it. It was freedom, and fun, and learning at the same time."