It was sweet 16 for the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Sunday. You may have noticed many streets across the Valley were blocked off as thousands of runners participated in the annual marathon and half marathon.

One runner managed to break a world record during this event, for completing the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon with the fastest time dressed in a fruit costume.

This may be Jordan Maddocks' 14th year in a row running in the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon but the first year doing so as a banana.

“I was so nervous about actually doing this. It’s not the most aerodynamic thing but you know what I’m going to do it and put it all out there on the line,” said Maddocks.

It was bananas! But there’s a reason you might find his outfit choice a-peel-ing.

"I have a really close friend that had to get a double lung transplant and he’s just known for his wild antics and being crazy,” said Maddocks.

Maddocks was one of more than 17,000 runners who hit the pavement for the 16th Annual Rock 'N' Roll Marathon spanning Phoenix to Scottsdale and ending at Tempe Beach Park, and half marathon in Tempe and Scottsdale.

Not only did Maddocks reach his goal of completing the marathon and bringing attention to his friend’s high-risk surgery: “6-minute, 19-second mile for the whole race,” said Maddocks.

But he also broke a world record in the process.

“The world record is the fattest marathon done in a fruit costume,” said Maddocks.

That’s one bad banana.