Over the past 48 hours we've seen some incredible images and videos following the first big monsoon storm of 2018 on Monday.

But many would probably agree, one of the most incredible to surface was a Mesa canal rescue where a woman was saved from a submerged vehicle.

A clip of the incident captured by Merrill Brimley has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. The first responder in the water is firefighter Kyle Kuball.

“We didn't have a lot of hope at the time but it was still our job to try and find out,” he said.

In the video, Kuball jumps into the canal where the car was submerged.

WATCH: Woman survives on pocket of air after her car is submerged in a canal

“At that point, I kind of...I'd be recovering a body so I reached out and tried to unbuckle the seat belt and that's when somebody grabbed my hand,” he said.

The result, a miraculous rescue of a woman, who without the help of multiple people would have surely drowned.

The woman was able to call 911 for help, but dispatchers Julie and Monica had trouble pinning her exact location.

“You need to unbuckle your seat belt and get out of the car,” one dispatcher said.

The woman’s response, “I can’t swim.”

The two emergency dispatchers fielded more than 370 calls in just two hours including that call from the woman inside the car.

“We literally went from being on that call and trying to save that woman's life to the phone going dead and hanging up, taking a deep breath and then answering a tree that fell over a car,” Julie said.

The efforts didn't stop there, a couple driving down Alma School Road saw the car underwater and called for help.

“Inside I was freaking out I was worried, I felt helpless watching that vehicle go under knowing that there was somebody in there and it felt like it took forever for emergency to get there but thankfully they did get there when they did,” Nikki and Jason said.

The life-saving rescue taking just seconds even though to firefighter Kuball it felt much longer.

“All I was concerned about was just letting her know she was OK and then making sure there was no one else inside the vehicle,” he said.

Crews humbly claim they were just doing their job but the community can agree, their swift actions no doubt turned this nightmare into a miracle.