TEMPE, Ariz. - Like something straight out of an action movie, a Tempe police officer chased a fleeing burglary suspect through backyards and over fences Tuesday.

The pursuit was captured on Tempe police officer Andres Molina's body cam.

"I had a feeling in the back of my neck that he was going to run," Molina said. "Everything slows down, to be honest with you. Your heart starts pumping and the adrenaline sets in."

The department tweeted the video Thursday giving thanks to neighbors for their help identifying the suspect.

According to Tempe police, the burglary suspect had left evidence inside a home and was seen wearing the victim's clothes.

Molina said that after jumping the second fence, he heard the suspect breathing heavily and hoped the suspect would run out of gas.

Who needs to watch Hardcore Henry, when you have the Tempe Police Department?

“When you are in a foot pursuit, we are taught to go 100 miles per hour and to take care of the situation as fast as possible," Molina said.

It sure felt like 100 miles an hour for those of us watching.