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A family bought a video game console from Walmart. It was filled with porn and racist games

A family’s warning about a game console marketed to children contains inappropriate games.

TEMPE, Ariz. — A Christmas gift meant to bring a family joy had a nasty surprise instead.

Adam Nottingham's kids got a Super Nintendo knockoff console last Christmas, preloaded with more than 800 games.

Nottingham believed it was a great gift at first; a chance to show his young sons some retro games.

“Nostalgia, these are the games I grew up with,” Nottingham said.

The console boasts that it is family-friendly online, claiming parents can watch their kids “enjoy the same happiness and fun in their childhood as you did!”

“We were hoping it was a fun gaming system for the kids to play." Nottingham said, "We did not expect anything inappropriate like this.”

Instead of games like Super Mario 2, the console had "Blackman 2." The game's home screen has the words "Kill Whitey" as the player picks their character. Throughout the levels, there are animated figures of the KKK.

Another game involves two kids going on an inappropriate adventure with Ronald McDonald.

“Naked children, they are reading a book that says porn on it, male genitalia all over the levels,” Nottingham said.

Nottingham expected to see some fake games on the console, but never imagined finding racist and sexual content.

“This was from Walmart,” Nottingham said.

Walmart confirmed the console was sold by a third party using its website. The supermarket removed the listing and the product is no longer for sale.

However, Walmart was not the only retailer that listed the console.

The product is still available on sites like Amazon.

“Every company needs to stop selling this first off. Second, they need to do an investigation into who is selling this and what distribution plant they are coming from." Nottingham said.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.

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