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Volunteers clean up litter at Lake Pleasant after Memorial Day weekend

If you're planning a visit to Lake Pleasant as the weather warms up, please remember to pick up after yourself.
Credit: Lake Pleasant Regional Park

When you take your party supplies and go somewhere for a day of fun, it's generally understood that you pack out what you pack in. However, it appears some visitors to Lake Pleasant over Memorial Day weekend never got that memo. 

A group of volunteers spent Tuesday picking up litter at Lake Pleasant after piles of trash were left behind over the long weekend, according to park officials. 

The park posted a photo of "a SMALL sample" of the mess on its Facebook page, asking visitors to remember to pick up after themselves. 

A big shout out to our team at Lake Pleasant Regional Park who will be spending their day picking up litter. This is just a SMALL sample of what was left behind this Memorial Day weekend. Please...

Park officials said Lake Pleasant will likely be facing the same litter problem after the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend. If you're interested in volunteering to help clean up, email parkvolunteer@mail.maricopa.gov.