PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department is investigating and reminding people to lock their doors after a doorbell surveillance video showed a man trying to get into an Ahwatukee house Tuesday after a teen arrived home alone.

According to Phoenix police, the teen got home alone around 3 p.m. near Chandler Boulevard and 20th Street and a short time later he heard someone trying to open his front door.

He called his parents, who pulled up video from their Ring doorbell security camera. Video shows the teen arriving home and then the red pickup pulling into the driveway. 

A man gets out, goes up to the front door, and without knocking, attempts to open the front door but then walks away after it doesn't open.

Police released the surveillance footage but blurred the man's face because they say a crime hasn't been identified.

"Because a suspect and crime have yet to be identified, we have blurred the people's images, but it is the suspicious behavior which we would like to point out," Phoenix PD said in a Facebook post.

Phoenix police commended the teen for both locking the door when he arrived home alone and then reporting the incident.