A brazen attack at a Phoenix gas station was caught on camera.

The security camera video shows the man, later identified as James Hawkins, jumping across the counter of a gas station near 7th Street and I-10.  

According to court documents, Hawkins demanded the woman give him money and then started hitting her repeatedly with a palm-size rock.

The woman is seen fighting back, grabbing at Hawkins' face and trying to push him away.

But Hawkins eventually wrestles her to the floor and pulls her into an office. He drags her so forcefully, he pulls her pants off. 

The attack continues until moments later a customer walked into the convenience store, setting off a chime. 

The chime alerted Hawkins to the presence of another person, at which time he suddenly stops and is seen in the video casually walking out the store's front door. 

Police later arrested him in the neighborhood, and during their investigation, detectives learned Hawkins had assaulted another employee at the same gas station back in January. 

According to documents, that time Hawkins threw gasoline at the face of another clerk while smoking a cigarette and told the clerk to open the cash register or he would light him on fire. 

Meanwhile, the woman in the latest attack had to have staples in her head. She is now recovering.