SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A Scottsdale neighborhood is on high alert after security camera video caught suspicious behavior in their complex.

A man and a woman, who look like a regular couple or friends, are seen going door-to-door with a baby stroller full of possibly stolen goods.

"If someone was to drive through, you wouldn't think twice about it," said neighbor Jessica Kiser. "It's definitely a ploy."

Surveillance video recorded around 2 a.m. one morning shows the couple walking up to nearly every parking spot trying to open storage units.

Kiser's property was one of the many targets and she caught it all on camera.

"You could see them move on to the next unit and try that door," Kiser said.

Thankfully, Kiser has her storage unit and vehicle locked but waking up to video of complete strangers seemingly trying to break in was unsettling.

"It's happening right on the other side of my wall. It's so close. It's scary that these people have no fear to do that," she said.

Kiser immediately told her neighbors about what she captured on camera and it turns out, many of them say they've had items stolen out of their sheds.

"People get stuff stolen in here often and we work hard for our stuff so it's unfortunate," Kiser said.

Scottsdale police investigators tell 12 News they've reviewed the security camera footage. They say the activity is suspicious but right now, isn't raising to the level of a crime. Regardless, police and Kiser are advising neighbors to stay vigilant.

"Keep your storage units locked. Keep your doors locked. If you come home late at night just look at your surrounded areas," Kiser said.

For now, Kiser said she will be installing another camera for protection. If you believe you've had property stolen, be sure to contact the police.