PHOENIX — A former caregiver of a comatose woman who gave birth at Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix said she can't imagine how employees didn't know the woman was pregnant. 

"I'm beyond angry," the caregiver, who spoke on condition of anonymity said. "I cared for this person and I think they failed her miserably."

The caregiver said she cared for the victim for years and said she can't imagine how employees at Hacienda Healthcare could miss the pregnancy. 

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"I don't think I would have missed that," she said, "I don't think many others would have missed that. I can't wrap my head around how that's even a possibility that they didn't notice growth around her midsection."

The caregiver also criticized Hacienda's security, echoing what other families have said about unlocked doors and inadequate security.

"There were times over the years that I remember the police coming in with warrants and taking out employees," the caregiver said. 

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Phoenix police were still at the facility Thursday. A spokesperson said Wednesday investigators were collecting DNA samples from employees at the facility in hopes of matching it to the baby.