PHOENIX - It may sound strange but there is a chance (a slim chance) that a water bottle left in your car can provide multiple potential dangers.

First, a full water bottle caught at just the wrong angle can magnify sunlight in just the right way, to cause things to catch fire and even leather seats to smoke.

Conditions have to be just right for a fire to start. The water bottle must be full or almost full, and sunlight must catch it at the right curve to focus the light.

However the more common fear could comes from the plastic bottles themselves. Some water bottles are made with the chemical BPA, which could potentially leak into water from the plastic on a hot day.

Dr. Andrew Carroll with the Renaissance medical group says the chemical does not pose a threat to most adults, but could impact fetuses.

Carroll said an easy way to avoid any issues with unwanted chemicals in your water is to get your own BPA-free water bottle.