PHOENIX - For many federal Workers Friday will be the first check they miss during the government shutdown.

Approximately 800,000 furloughed government workers continue to be impacted due to the ongoing shutdown.

Many have already had to make financial adjustments.

One federal worker in north Phoenix is wondering when this stalemate will come to an end. Tammy Pike has not been paid since before Christmas.

“We were furloughed on the Friday before Christmas and we don’t have any idea when our next paycheck is coming or when we will go back," Pike said.

She added that she loves her job working for a federal government land management agency in Phoenix.

"We signed that oath of office that this can happen to us," she said. 

But this shutdown is taking a toll on her finances.

"I've talked to creditors and family members and friends to help me out because I have no income at this point and don’t know when I will," Pike said.

Right now she has just over $200 in her bank account.

That’s not the only impact here, the shutdown may soon take a toll on her health.

"Being a type-one diabetic, it's not something that I can stretch out," she said. "I can't say no to my insulin and it's expensive."

And when her aunt passed away last week, she couldn’t afford to attend the funeral.

"Because that's a house payment and I have to have a place to live," Pike said.

Despite all of this, Tammy says she still has faith in her country.

"You just gotta swallow your pride and do it," she said. "The American people will stand up and help the only thing I would ask the America public."

Tammy said there are 200 people in her office furloughed and many of them are the sole providers of their household. She said she trusts in the government and American people to see this terrible time through.

If you would like to help Tammy she can be reached via email at