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Valley nursing home to move residents who have tested positive for coronavirus

A spokesperson for Genesis HealthCare said residents who have tested positive will be moved from a facility in Avondale to a facility in Phoenix.
Hands of an elderly woman. (Photo: 12 News)

AVONDALE, Ariz. — A Valley nursing home has plans to move residents who have tested positive for coronavirus to another facility in order to isolate them from other residents. 

Arizona assisted living homes have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic as cases and deaths continue to soar. 

A spokesperson from Genesis HealthCare, a company that operates assisted living and rehabilitation facilities in the state, said 10 residents and four employees at the Estrella Center in Avondale tested positive for coronavirus. One of those residents died. Two of those employees have recovered. 

In response to the recent positive cases the nine patients at the Estrella Center will be moved to a private wing at La Estancia Center in Phoenix.  

"This center is ideal because the wing has all private rooms to separate COVID+ patients, they recently had their own outbreak and risk of spreading to the long-term care unit is minimal, and the center has more experience handling COVID patients," Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard Feifer said in an email.

The residents have not been moved as of Friday afternoon.

"We recognize this transition is difficult for residents and their families, but based on our experience, it was the best way to save the most lives," Dr. Feifer said.   

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