PHOENIX — The Divorce Store provides paralegal services to couples who want to get divorces but recently seems to have closed up shop, leaving many couples mid-divorce high and dry. 

Emily Ragan-Hernandez paid almost $500 for them to draw up divorce documents for her back in October. 

"I'm definitely frustrated. I am definitely annoyed. I do feel ripped off, and that's a given," said Ragan-Hernandez.

At first, employees were very receptive. They got back to Ragan-Hernandez within less than a day, but then, silence.

"They're not returning phone calls. You can't leave a message. You can't contact them through the website, and they're not returning email either," she said.

Their website has since been taken down and shows an error message

A sign on the door of their Mesa location reads "We will be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience." It does not offer any further explanation. 

Ragan-Hernandez is not alone. There are several comments from clients online saying they too are frustrated because they paid for divorce services they never got.

They—including Ragan-Hernandez—are left in the dark, with their divorces far from final.

We reached out to The Divorce Store several times throughout the day but have not yet heard back.