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Valley couple returns lost wallet to Navy vet

A Navy veteran is grateful for the act of kindness from a Valley couple who returned his wallet.

PHOENIX — A good deed is going viral on Go Gilbert after a Valley couple found a lost wallet in a parking lot and returned it to its rightful owner, Navy veteran, Chris Lane who simply didn't know right away that he'd lost it.

The act of kindness is something we should all be practicing, according to Jaala James and her boyfriend Dante, who found the wallet in the Fat Cats parking lot in the east Valley.

"It's honestly a little disappointing that it's so surprising, you'd think that I don't know I would want someone to do the same for me," James explained.

Meanwhile, Chris and his wife Marcie were shocked by the kind gesture, because they said you just don't see it every day. They're undoubtedly grateful for getting it back because heading out Sunday was supposed to be for a fun family gathering.

"We were just going to have a night out with the kids, bowling typical family night. We spent like two and a half hours at Fat Cats, get in the car, it's not there, get home, it's not there, then panic starts to ensue," Chris said.

He said, he started panicking but couldn't find his wallet, a blow to the whole night out.

"Thinking about losing that, it just added way more stress than I needed to have on a Wednesday night," he added.

More stress ahead of another round of chemo, Chris has been battling cancer since January and just got new medical cards.

"Not only the driver’s license, credit cards, insurance cards, I got my medical info for my port procedure and I got that in my wallet so it's readily available in case something happens," he explained.

However, what happened just hours later was a welcomed surprise, all thanks to the kindness of strangers, who turned out to be Jaala and Dante.

"We were going over to my nephew's birthday party over at Fat Cats and we were walking in and messing around and saw the wallet on the ground, James added. When you lose something, it's like you hope to get it back otherwise you have to cancel all those cards just such a hassle."

"Just doing the right thing, that's all we can do, just pay it forward and continue to do the right thing and hopefully it spreads from there," Chris said.

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