PHOENIX — Three-year-old Owen still can't believe he got a "text" from Phoenix Suns star guard Devin Booker. 

This week, the preschooler had something very special to share with his class for show-and-tell day -- his Devin Booker bobblehead.

His dad Noah says Booker is his son's favorite basketball player.

"He says he likes Devin Booker because he’s so nice, he shoots it really far and makes good baskets," Noah said. 

Noah tweeted a photo of him wearing a Suns jersey, holding his Booker bobblehead close, as he prepared for show-and-tell.

Noah wrote on Twitter, "Hey, @DevinBook! My little guy insisted on taking his bobblehead to preschool for show and tell. He asked me to send you a picture so here you go."

Owen told his class Booker is like a superhero, he compares him to Spiderman.

Owen actually scored his Booker bobblehead on Superhero Night at a Suns game last season. 

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And his admiration didn't go unnoticed. The NBA star responded to Noah's tweet with a show-and-tell memory of his own.  

He wrote, "I remember I brought a @ripcityhamilton player card for mine! Tell little man I appreciate him introducing me to his class."

Noah says Owen thinks he actually texted his picture to Booker.  

"He says he was happy Booker saw his picture of him and his bobblehead. After he saw Booker “texted” back about the picture he asked if we could call him. He thinks I have his number," Noah said. 

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The Twitter exchange was quickly shared and commented on. Booker's retweet had nearly 5,000 likes and more than 300 comments. 

Many fans were enamored by the adorable Owen and his love for his hometown team and players. 

The Suns organization even tweeted Owen and his dad will be enjoying a game on them this season.