PHOENIX - Two criminals didn't spend much time thinking about an exit plan when trying to rob a Valentine's Day stand in West Phoenix. A cell phone camera started rolling when the two men got out of their car at the intersection of 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road.

The heartless crooks get away with bears valued at over $200 but didn't expect what happened next. While their getaway car is stuck in traffic at a red light, two bystanders jump out of their cars to take back the merchandise. Eventually the light turns green, and the thieves relinquish the gifts before driving away.

"I want to thank them, because they risked their own well-being to help me out," Erika Gonzalez said through a translator.

Gonzalez has been running the Valentine's Day stand for six years in Phoenix, and this is the first time somebody has stolen merchandise.

Gonzalez didn't even get to thank the men who helped her, because after returning the bears, they jumped back in their car and drove away.

"The light turned green, and traffic was starting to move. They got in their car and drove off," Gonzalez said.

The Phoenix woman dreams of one day owning her own flower shop and hopes the money she makes from this stand will help fund that idea. Thanks to two unknown heroes, Gonzalez is roughly $220 closer to achieving that goal.