PHOENIX - Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson visited the Phoenix VA Medical Center Thursday and said reforms at the embattled agency are still underway.

"I don't want anyone to think that we're hanging up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner," Gibson said. "We're not. We've got a lot of work left to do but the simple fact of the matter is a vast amount has changed."

He also praised outgoing Phoenix director Deborah Amdur and said a new job opening has been posted.

Regarding a 12 News report last week about secret audio recordings at a VA clinic, Gibson said he agreed with a nurse who said the patient scheduling system was "a nightmare."

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Gibson vowed that a "contact center" will be established at every VA medical center nationwide by the end of the year to handle issues such as scheduling.

"I've directed today the executive in charge of that program to come here on the ground, for him to do an assessment," Gibson said. "To figure out what resources do we need to bring to bare so when a veteran calls somebody answers the phone and provides the help they need."