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Totally bogus! 'Bill & Ted' Circle K in Tempe is closing

The time-traveling buds visited the local Circle K for a pivotal scene in the 1989 film.

TEMPE, Ariz. — Keanu Reeves was right -- strange things are certainly afoot at the Circle K in Tempe.

The convenience store on Southern Avenue made famous by a pivotal scene in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" will soon be closing its doors. 

It was at this Circle K that the time-traveling buds first encountered George Carlin's magical phone booth that took them on a "most excellent" journey to the past to finish their history homework.

But fans of the beloved 1989 film will be disappointed to know that Circle K has recently decided to shut down this location. 

The Phoenix New Times first reported the closure earlier this week and Circle K has confirmed to 12 News that the store will be shutting its doors soon.

"As we try to deliver a most outstanding experience for our customers, we sometimes have to make tough calls on some older, smaller stores like this special location," Circle K wrote in a statement. "We’re selling the property and providing opportunities for our team there to continue working with us at one of our many stores in the Valley."

The company did not offer a specific date for when the store is closing.

Circle K said the company also has some "bodacious plans" in Arizona as it prepares to open new "state-of-the-art" stores and begin offering new services.

But the news of losing the iconic "Bill & Ted" Circle K is certainly a "non-non-heinous" blow to all the dudes who enjoyed getting a dose of nostalgia by driving by the Tempe location. 

Movie fans have already begun organizing online in an attempt to possibly preserve this local piece of Hollywood history from being lost forever. 

"Should we appeal to Circle K corporate that it’s in their best interest to conserve this location," one fan wrote on the "Bill & Ted" Facebook page. 

Most of the original "Bill & Ted" film was shot around Phoenix and Tempe over the course of 10 weeks in 1987. 

Several other notable Valley spots were used as shooting locations for the sci-fi comedy including Metrocenter Mall and Golfland Sunsplash water park. 

The film went on to produce two sequels, a breakfast cereal brand, and a live-action television series.  

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