PHOENIX — Topgolf Live is headed to Chase Field in December from the 12th through the 15th. 

Topgolf has been turning stadiums and ballparks over the past couple years by putting inflatable targets on the field while people hit from pads located up in the stands. 


Toptracer technology traces the line of your ball on a screen located at your hitting bay so you can see how close your ball lands to the flag on the targets. 

In total, there will be about six targets on the field that range from 40 to 150 yards away. When it is your turn, you get five shots and your score is based on distance and accuracy. Each player at the hitting bay gets five shots in a row and then the game is over. 

Players can play as many games as possible within their one hour time. 

You can check out more on the Topgolf site here.

Tickets for the Chase Field days are not yet on sale, however, you can sign up to be added to the pre-sale list by clicking here