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Want to sell your home for top dollar? Phoenix realtor experts have the tips and tricks to do so.

Phoenix will be the nation’s second-hottest housing market this year, according to a new Zillow survey.

PHOENIX — Phoenix will be the nation’s second-hottest housing market this year, according to a new Zillow survey. 

Because of a low supply of homes for sale, demand is high from people moving to the Valley from all across the nation and companies relocating to Phoenix. 

So sellers who are putting their house on the market are in luck; some homes are even selling within hours.

12 News talked to six Valley realtors to get their expert advice when it comes to selling your home. 

Bobby Romero, Holly Henbest, Elyus Black and Jeremy Rangel are all with Realty One Group. 

Mike and Jessica Hoffman are with HomeSmart. They all say this pandemic has been one of their busiest times ever. 

“We thought we were going to be sitting at home eating bonbons kind of thing, waiting for the phone to ring, (but) last year was our busiest year,” said Black.

In fact in some areas, Black said property values have increased more than $300,000 in the last 12 months.

Here are their top secrets to selling a home.

Make it look like a model home

“Box up your items, put them in the garage, even if you fill up the garage, it’s OK. Fill up the garage, paint light and bright, clean the baseboards -- all those details, those small details, so that when a buyer walks in, they’re going to say this house has been really cared for. And that’s going to up your offer,” said Romero.

Share the terms of other offers from buyers

“It garners competition and it allows other buyers to either increase their offer, netting you more money than the offers you have in your hand, and or the terms may be more agreeable to you,” said Black.

Spruce up that curb appeal

“I would recommend adding potted plants and flowers just to make it more colorful, and you can add pathway lights cause sometimes buyers like to come through at night. And you can even paint the house. And that’ll make the house even that much more exciting. Love at first sight, that’s what we’re looking for,” said the Hoffmans.

Spend the extra money fixing and upgrading the non-sexy items.

“Take a look at your roof, do any repairs… if your carpet needs to be replaced… we’re also replacing light fixtures, door hardware… if your air conditioning needs work take care of that, and leave the sexier work to be upgraded by the new buyer,” said Henbest. 

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