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Phoenix mom says she was attacked in the past by man accused of murdering Chandler woman

A Phoenix mom named Susan is in tears and apologizing to Amy "Ruby" Leagans, an East Valley woman who was murdered, dismembered and tossed in the trash.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — A Phoenix mother says the man who confessed to killing a Chandler woman this month has tried to kill her too.

Six years later, Susan Noelani Davidson says the justice system had the chance to put away the suspect, Timothy Sullivan, back then but they dropped the ball.

“He strangled me. I prayed to God the whole time. I said, 'God loves me. You can’t hurt me, no more tears,'” says Davidson.

In 2014, Davidson barely survived a domestic attack at the hands of Sullivan. Now, she’s a survivor.

Sullivan was her roommate for a couple of weeks before Davidson says he snapped.

“He wanted a relationship with me, and I said I don’t want one, and he got upset and went off,” says Davidson.

Court documents say Sullivan punched Davidson more than 20 times and choked her until she couldn’t breathe.

Blood was everywhere, her teeth were knocked out, and her eye was punctured.

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“I pretended that I was dead. Laying there. I took short breaths. Finally, he went to the other room and I got up and I ran out the door,” says Davidson.

After weeks of recovery, prosecutors went after Sullivan in court with Davidson’s cooperation. He was charged with kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, and aggravated assault.

“Did [the justice system] do anything? No, not really,” says Davidson.

Sullivan got a plea deal. In the end, he was only convicted of aggravated assault. A judge sentenced him to 2.5 years behind bars and 4 years of probation.

Now, he’s charged with killing Amy “Ruby” Leagans. In police documents, he confesses to choking and dismembering her, then throwing away Leagans' body in several Valley dumpsters.

“I’m disappointed because they could’ve prevented that where she wouldn’t have had to die,” says Davidson.

Now as Davidson looks at Leagans' photo all she can do is cry.

Sullivan was still on probation when he met Leagans. Other court documents reveal that Leagans and Davidson are not Sullivan’s only victims. He is due back in court next week.

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