GILBERT, Ariz. - Making the jumbotron is a thrill for many sports fans.

For a few moments, fans have a chance to make their mark in front of the huge crowds.

Some can only dream of the opportunity to get their 15 seconds of fame, but for Valley resident Whitney Collins, it actually became a reality.

Her initial brush with fame came in 2015 while attending a Phoenix Suns game. During a break, Collins, while pregnant, showed off her dance moves to the amusement of the crowd.

According to Collins, the Suns found her video online and asked her to come back to a game this season. She was actually pregnant once again and was able to recreate that moment on March 26.

"My mom always said if we go to any games, we should get up and dance," she said. "It's always in my brain to have fun!"

Collins had her first baby three weeks after her first dance and she's expecting her second child any day now.