Teacher salaries have been front and center recently after protests in West Virginia and demonstrations by teachers in Phoenix.

Many educators are sharing their frustrations with the pay they’re receiving and asking for change.

Including one Arizona teacher.

Elisabeth Coate Milich shared a photo of her pay stub on Facebook and it is raising eyebrows across the internet.

The photo shows a pay increase section saying her salary went up from $35,490 to $35,621.25. That's an increase of $131.25.

Milich explains in her post that she received the increase after taking a “few professional development classes.”

"I love teaching," she wrote on Facebook. "BUT...the reality is without my husband’s income I could NEVER be an educator in this state!"

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A study last year by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU found that when adjusted for cost of living, Arizona ranks 48th in high school teacher pay and dead last in elementary teacher pay.

"Something must be done," Milich wrote. "Otherwise our poor children will be taught by unqualified, burned out, and just plain bad teachers!"