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This bus carries fresh produce, not people

The produce section on wheels aims to bring affordable, healthy food to low income communities.

PHOENIX — If you see a bright green public transportation bus wrapped in fruit and vegetable graphic, it's not carrying people, it's carrying fresh produce.

“Farm Express is a mobile produce market that goes around to low income and low access communities and sells really high quality fruits and vegetables at affordable prices," said Elyse Guidas, executive director of Farm Express by Discovery Triangle.

This produce section on wheels sells everything at cost.

“It keeps everything affordable -- three for a dollar, four for a dollar depending on the item you get -- so you can always take advantage of the low price," said Guidas.

The retired city bus turned giant refrigerator holds from 45 to 60 different products.

“Bananas, avocados, tomatoes, peppers, all kinds of greens and onions. Chances are if you like it we can get it for you," said Guidas.

You can catch the bus four days a week and at five stops daily.

“We open up shop for an hour. You can come on the bus with your basket or reusable bags. We accept cash, credit, debit and EBT, snap benefits," said Guidas.

Offering low cost produce is paying off in many ways.

“We have customers tell us they have their diabetes numbers under control because they eat more fruits and vegetables. We have kids that say they’ve tried new fruits and veggies that they never thought they wanted to try before," said Guidas.

The man behind the wheel of this bus is Leonard Sunde.

“I have no trouble getting up and going to work because I love what I do. Then to watch the kids at the schools come in and pick out their own bananas or their own apple. Kids love buses," said Sunde.

You can tell he’s passionate, because his stories go on for days.

“The most fun thing is when you pull into a spot and there's 10 people waiting and you can’t get unloaded. You get the ramp down and they are already on the bus," said Sunde.

You can donate to this program, sign up to volunteer and check the bus location schedule at www.discoverytriangle.org.

“We know we are making an impact in the community and making sure everybody has access to these choices," said Guidas.

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