12 News is launching a new podcast featuring me, Digital Content Producer Gabe Trujillo. Titled "The Disabled List," the podcast will include interviews with influencers from across Arizona and the world of pop culture.

Some of the guests I have lined up for the season include D-backs great Luis Gonzalez, Coyotes legend Shane Doan and State Forty Eight co-founder Mike Spangenberg.

Now, I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking of is “Why is this podcast called ‘The Disabled List’?" Well, that answer is two parts. 

First, I am a person with a disability. My story as a quadriplegic begins in September of 1997 after a severe asthma attack left me paralyzed from the neck down. To learn more about my experiences of life in a wheelchair, be sure to listen throughout the season. 

Second, I am a lover of lists and sports puns. Each episode, I’ll ask a guest to help create a top 5 ranking on a topic in their area of expertise or knowledge.

You can listen to the podcast on your favorite platforms including Podbean, Stitcher, Google Play and Apple Podcasts

LATEST EPISODE: Phoenix Suns Digital and Sideline Reporter Lindsey Smith

So stay tuned, because we’ll be releasing a new episode each Tuesday.


Nov. 20: Extra Super Co-Founders Doug Penick and Dustin Addair
Nov. 27: 12 News Anchor Mark Curtis
Dec. 4: Art Huseonica attempts record hike on Arizona Trail
Dec. 11: Arizona Coyotes legend Shane Doan
Dec. 17: State Forty Eight Co-founder Mike Spangenberg


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