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Terrifying video shows car slamming into Phoenix bus stop

A car slammed into a bus stop in front of a Phoenix gas station on Friday, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

PHOENIX — People at a gas station in Phoenix were frightened Friday after a car suddenly slammed into a bus stop in front of the gas station. 

But luckily everyone walked away without serious injury. One man, a Valley father named Rene Flores, was later treated for some injuries to his arm, hands and shoulder. 

The crash occurred Friday near the intersection at 32nd and Van Buren streets, Phoenix police spokesperson Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. 

Surveillance video from the nearby Exxon caught the entire terrifying crash on camera. 

Flores was on his way to a job interview when the crash occurred. 

"I walked up to the bus stop. I was just about to sit down, and I looked and I see the car coming at me, I was about to try and turn, try to run but it was already too late," he said. 

"That car came so fast. It hit me and it threw me to the ground. I laid there in pain. I mean if you look at the tape, I'm lucky I'm still standing here, because, I mean, that car came fast."

In the video, the car is seen barely missing someone in a scooter and causes another person to run in the opposite direction. 

The video appeared to show a person who flew after the car crash, but Thompson said injuries were "very, very minor."

No one was initially transported to the hospital. Flores said he went to the hospital later that night after he picked up his children from school. 

A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise money for the Flores family. 

Thompson said the unidentified driver told police her brakes failed. Impairment does not seem to be a factor in the crash.

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