GLENDALE, Ariz — A teenager is out of the hospital after a devastating hit-and-run crash in which her father died trying to save her life. 

It's certainly hard for 17-year old Breanna Aguirre to talk about; not only did she lose her dad that night, but at this point, no justice has been served in his name.

She hopes her words will bring the driver forward.

Breanna is now out of the hospital after suffering a banged-up collar bone and road rash. She held tight to her dog, Mojo, trying to hold back tears.

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She said she and her dad were walking across the street to get a soda when a dark-colored pickup truck hit them and left the scene. 

"I was walking toward the street and a car came, and my dad pushed me out of the way to save my life. But he died to save my life," she said. 

Carlos Aguirre
Courtesy Aguirre family

The hit-and-run happened near 49th and Glendale avenues late that Saturday afternoon, leaving 39-year old Carlos Aguirre dead. 

"I just remember calling my grandma and saying, 'I think Pa's dying because I don't see him moving,'" Breanna said.

Bystanders who saw it happened rushed over to help.

"This one white girl told me that everything was going to be OK and that an ambulance was coming, and then the cops came to see what's happening," Breanna said.

Police are still looking for a suspect, but so far, nobody has come forward.

"I hope you get punished. Yeah, I hope he suffered the way we suffered," she said.

The family held a memorial service for Carlos to say their goodbyes to a provider, protector and personal hero to all of his kids. He would have turned 40 years old on Thursday.

"He was a really good person. Like, if you don't have clothes – you (she pointed at the photographer) – he would give you clothes, a full outfit and food. He didn't care who you are," she said.