PHOENIX - The scars are still fresh, but Asia Routtinen is just happy to be back home, less than three months after being hit by a car near 35th and Grand Avenues.

"My left tibia and fibula broke, so I have a metal rod in my leg, and had surgery under my knee cap," Asia said while looking down at her scars.

Some of the marks are obvious, but others you can't see just by looking at her. Asia's mom Christine notices the difference, daily.

"Basically her brain went like this, and broke all the wires for communication, so she has some cognitive issues.Memory is a big one," Christine said.

Not only does the crash affect Asia's memory today, it's a struggle to think back on other important moments too—moments like the crash itself.

"I don't remember anything about that day. I don't remember leaving the house or anything."

The teen was jaywalking, a lesson she learned the hard the way. Regardless, Asia's mother wonders why the driver wouldn't stop.

"If the driver had stopped and stayed. It would have been a citation on her part for jaywalking and a ticket for speeding," Christine says.

For now, Asia can only control what she can control, her effort and attitude towards rehab. Walking less than three months after the crash is ahead of schedule, depending on who you ask.

"Yeah I can believe it, I was superhuman before I got here anyway. I can heal pretty fast, so yeah, I believe it," Asia said.