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Taco Santa! Valley man cooks up free tacos at the top of different trails every Tuesday

Mark Herrell said he was inspired to give back to the hiking community this holiday season.

PHOENIX — It’s Taco Tuesday! If you’re looking for the best spot in town to grub down, how does the top of a mountain sound?

One Valley man is cooking up tacos at the top of Piestewa Peak Tuesday around sunset. It's something Mark Herrell started at the beginning of December and will continue until Valentine's day. 

"So what I’m doing is, I started last year in December as just something to give back to the hiking community, I thought I would do street tacos at the top of each summit in town," Herrell explained. 

That's right, he hikes all the way to the top of different Valley peaks every Tuesday with a table and food in tow.

"I’ve done Lookout, Camelback, Piestewa, a couple more," he continued. "It's anywhere from 45-60 pounds, and I carry the table with my arms switching it back and forth."

Herrell said the giving spirit of the holidays and the pandemic inspired the idea.

"With everything going on last year and this year, there’s no disputes up there it’s all unity and when you’re eating tacos at the top of the summits, no one is thinking about the bad stuff going on." 

All the costs come out of pocket for him, but he said it's worth it to see the surprise and smiles on people's faces. 

"The smell hits them from like halfway up the trail, then they see this table all set up they’re like 'wow,' and they can't believe someone brought up all this equipment."

Follow Herrell on Instagram to see where he'll be next Tuesday giving out free tacos!

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