PHOENIX — Syringes are consistently being found at Washington Elementary School, according to a citizen's Facebook post. 

The school, located at the busy intersection of 27th and Northern avenues, has been dealing with an increase of trash on its grounds. School principal Jennifer Griggs didn't confirm the post's legitimacy, but did say the school is hosting an upcoming "Super Saturday Clean Up" in order to deal with the trash.

“We’re going to be cleaning up our grounds, getting all of the leaves up,” Principal Griggs said. “All of the excess trash and things that come in from the community up and off the ground.”

According to Griggs, the increase in trash is a result of the increased homeless population around, and sometimes on, school property.

“So we have a lot of people who walk up and down the street,” Principal Griggs said. “We have a city bus stop out in front of the school. So there are a lot of different reasons for what we find on our campus.”

Life at this campus though is like that of other schools. Kids file out and then disperse onto the court, playground and athletic field. A wall along the school's grounds serves as a backdrop to the fun. It too is getting a makeover.

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“We are going to put our name on there. And then we’re also going to put pictures depicting life here at school…reading, playing, learning,” Principal Griggs said. 

Trash on campus Tuesday was minimal. Principal Griggs say crews clean consistently.

Come Saturday – it will be all hands on deck from 8:00 a.m. until noon at Washington Elementary.

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