AVONDALE, Ariz. - Police said officers shot and killed a suspect who rammed police vehicles after a chase Wednesday near Dysart and McDowell roads in Avondale.

A police spokesperson said no officers were injured in the shooting. Police did not say whether the suspect was armed.

Police said the suspect led police on a chase before driving into a busy shopping center and onto the sidewalk in front of a children's store.

The suspect refused to pull over when police tried to stop the car in central Phoenix, according to police, so a police helicopter tailed him and undercover units moved in once they reached Avondale.

The officers boxed the driver's car in with their undercover vehicles and he tried to ram them, police said.

"He refused the commands and refused to come out of his vehicle, and he began to ram the officers' vehicles," Phoenix PD spokesperson Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said.

He broke free and his car moved toward the storefront of a children's shop.

One officer opened fire through the back window of the suspect's car, hitting him. Medical personnel took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said the officer's decision to shoot was to prevent the suspect's car from hitting people, including children, outside the store.

"He used his vehicle as a weapon," Fortune said.

The investigation is ongoing.