PHOENIX - The suspect of a shooting where three people died Wednesday night has died, according to police.

Edward Hallinan, 39, was the suspect of an officer-involved shooting near 35th Avenue and Thomas Road Wednesday.

Phoenix Police responded to a report of a person with a gun on Wednesday about 4 p.m.

A caller told police her husband had a riffle and was firing shots, police said.

While officers were in the house, a suspect with the description mentioned by the witness, drove by, shooting from his truck, police said.

Officers asked the suspect to drop his weapon and show his hands, but the suspect fired a second round of shots.

At that point, an officer fired his weapon, injuring the suspect inside his truck, police said.

While officers were dealing with the suspect, the police helicopter alerted them of three victims in the area.

The Phoenix Fire Department said it treated multiple people with gunshot wounds.

Police said three people have died.

Police identified two of the three victims as Francisco Javier Galindo, 21, and Vidal Hernandez-Gutierrez, 26.

No officers were injured, according to police.

An investigation is still ongoing.