MESA, Ariz. - This week all around Mesa, 24 pianos will start popping up on street corners, each painted with a purpose, available for the public to play.

The Mesa Arts Center brought the international project, "Play Me, I'm Yours," to Arizona for the first time. This weekend, the MAC hosted the kick-off event.

"It is the most unique project I have ever been involved with," said Karalee Hagen, executive director of Metropolitan Youth Symphony.

It's unique because these donated pianos, coming from all different places and people in the community, will be finding a new home on the streets of Mesa.

"Putting a piano in a street kind of breaks down some of those barriers," said International 'Play Me, I'm Yours,' Project Manager Sally Reay. "It gives people the slightest excuse to make new friends; stop and talk; take a minute out of their busy day."

To kick off the project, 14-year-old piano prodigy Emily Bear composed and played a piece in which all at once the 24 pianos played.

"Just from like touching a piano can change someone's life," said Bear. "So having these pianos around town can inspire so many people."

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," added local piano player, Avinash Vikram. "I mean, we couldn't have come across this if it was located somewhere else, so I'm really happy they decided to do it in Arizona where I live."

Each piano was decorated by local artists and community groups.

"I hope that people see art can be everywhere and that people can engage with art," said local artist Kyllan Maney.

Beginning March 1, pianos will be placed outside the Mesa Public Library, Sloan Park and Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport all so the public can stop and play.

"I can't tell you what a magical thing it does when people step up to these pianos," said Hagen. "It's a common language, music is. Regardless of where they put it I think they're going to find that the community really buys into this project."

The pianos will be placed this week and stay through April 9. Those who take part can share their experience by using the hashtag #streetpianosmesa.

Check out all the locations of the pianos on their website.