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Smash-and-grabs on rise at gyms offering workout classes

"People know that somebody is going to be inside for an hour or more," said Carole Krohn with Goodyear PD.

If your New Years resolution is to work out more, take extra care of what you leave behind in your car. 

Gym memberships surge in January, which is why Goodyear Police Department put out a warning to people reminding them not to leave anything valuable in your car. 

Taya Jones found that is especially true if you go to a gym that offers classes exclusively, like she does. 

She went to a 5 a.m. class and came back to find her window was knocked out. 

"They got my purse, which was brutal, because I know better than to leave my purse in the car but, habit being what it is, I got really comfortable thinking it would never happen to me," said Jones. 

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Goodyear PD posted a warning video on its Facebook page in early January. 

"People know that somebody is going to be inside for an hour or more, so that crime of opportunity is going to be within that hour," said Police Assistant Carole Krohn. 

Goodyear police recommend not leaving anything valuable in your car, but say if you do have to leave something, put it in your trunk. 

Experts recommend going to the gym during the day, or if you do have to go when it's dark, park in a well-lit area. 

You can find more tips here.

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