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Small businesses brace for potential mandatory closings amid pandemic

One Valley small business shares their worries and tips on minimizing the spread of the virus.

PHOENIX — As the coronavirus developments continue to surface, we're trying to measure the magnitude in our community. 

Some small businesses like Wren House, a local brewery are already preparing for potential mandatory closures.

The President spoke about rules and regulations for companies that cater to large groups of people and while at this point, it's up to state officials to make the call, Allister Duker with Wren House says, they're already exercising good practices for their patrons.

"We're exclusively going to to-go sales," he said.

The valley hotspot is slowing down its in-house cold beer service and eliminating space for friends to sit down.

"There won't be any taproom consumption and that's to reduce congregation," he added.

The "lights out" layer of caution is to help keep customers safe amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"All Americans including the young and healthy should work to engage in homeschooling, avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people, avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating and drinking in public restaurants, bars, and public food courts," the President said.

Senator Martha McSally tweeting the President's guidelines, adding "Everyone can help slow the spread." Senator Krysten Sinema tweeting, referencing how Ohio's Governor closed schools a week ago, and now bars and restaurants. Then saying, "Arizona should take action, now." Some places though are doing it on their own.

"We discontinued our growler fills, just because that wasn't an object we could necessarily control, it was an outside vessel being brought in," Duker added.

Extra measures in place at Wren House include specific spots for used glasses, sanitization, and self-pay with credit cards, so there's no cash exchanging hands.

"A focus on health and safety of our employees and hopefully there's enough transactional demand to keep up with the normal cadence of shifts," he said.

He says, luckily the brewery reels in profit through to-go sales and online orders.

"We want to do whatever we can to minimize what could be a pretty hazardous scenario," he told 12 News.

In addition to some small businesses making changes, LA Fitness and Lifetime are closing for a couple of weeks. Plus, some Orange Theory Fitness Studios will be doing the same.


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