CAVE CREEK, Ariz. - The second-highest estate on Black Mountain is up for sale. Dubbed the "Hawk's Nest," this 6,500-square-foot property sits on Secluded Lane, appropriate because there are three gates to go through before reaching the driveway.

"Pictures really can’t encompass what you picture when you are up here on the property," said Jennie Heal, president of Supreme Auctions, "so, to be able to walk outside on the terrace and to eat dinner in the dining room and exceed 270-degree views all the way from the Arizona Cardinals stadium all the way to Four Peaks ... What’s not to enjoy up here?"

The glass walls of the 4-bedroom house provide a stunning view from above the Valley. The home is also brightly furnished and designed by an eclectic artist.

"My favorite part of the house has to be the lower-level entertainment area," Heal said. "Pool table, views to die for but the whole entertainment center is on the lower level of the house. There is two levels here and that is just an area that you can just entertain up to 50 guests."

How the auction for this house works is bidders will sign up and pay $100,000 to the title company. If they don’t win the house they get their investment back. If they do win the house, they will have to put 10 percent of the bid into escrow within 24 hours and they have 30 days to close on the house.

"I would estimate a value of this home to be three, possibly three-and-a-half million," Heal said. "They aren’t making them anymore. You can’t blast into Black Mountain anymore, so it really is supply and demand and, in this particular case, location."

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