LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz — An animal rights activist's Facebook post has caused people across the Valley to demand accountability at a Litchfield Park pig farm.

The Facebook post alleges animal neglect at Pamlann Farms, a family-owned farm that houses more than 200 pigs in the west Valley.

Animal Rights activist Andrea Diaz posted on Facebook a video and a photo of one pig with an infection. The pig is lying on the ground and appears in distress. 

Diaz wrote the pig "collapsed and can't access water," and alleged, "multiple pigs were foaming at the mouth because of the heat."

12 News could not reach Diaz by email about the post.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office told 12 News Monday morning they "toured the property and checked on the animals and nothing was noted." A spokesperson for MCSO said the farm owners were cooperative. 

Then late Monday afternoon, the spokesperson contacted 12 News again to say they returned to the farm and confirmed that the pig shown in the video had been put down.

“We were told it had an infection and it was being quarantined before it was put to sleep,” said Joaquin Enriquez, spokesperson for MCSO. Enriquez said deputies found no signs of animal cruelty at the farm.

The owners of Pamlann Farms accused the author of the Facebook post of trespassing on their property to take the video and creating unnecessary hysteria. They said they hope anyone who has concerns about their farm in the future will contact them directly before making accusations on social media.

Pamlann Farms is categorized by the state of Arizona as a “custom farm.” Unlike commercial farms, custom farms are lightly regulated. 

Custom farms sell directly to consumers and not businesses. They provide self-reports to the state about their operations. 

12 News reached out to the Arizona Department of Agriculture about Pamlann Farms’ history but has not yet received a response.