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'She won’t be put down': Wildlife World Zoo says nothing will happen to jaguar that injured woman

First responders say the woman was attempting to take a selfie when the jaguar reached out and attacked her arm.

The Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park says the female jaguar that injured a woman Saturday will not be euthanized.

The incident at the zoo in Litchfield Park immediately sparked concerns on social media for the jaguar's fate, with many worried this story would not end well for the animal.

READ: Woman attacked by jaguar while attempting to take selfie at Wildlife World Zoo, officials say

One woman responded to the zoo's statement on Twitter saying she would "NEVER" go to the zoo again if the jaguar was euthanized.

"She won't be put down," the zoo replied.

Audio released by Rural Metro reveals a person who identified themselves as a zoo employee called 911.

"We have this lady she got clawed by our panther...by one of our jaguars I mean," the employee said.

The employee requested an ambulance.

"Her arm is in pretty bad shape," the caller said.

The employee was instructed by Rural Metro to keep pressure on the wound.

"She's in pain, like really bad pain," the employee said.

"Oh, I bet," Rural Metro replied.

AUDIO: Officials release 911 call from jaguar attack at Wildlife World Zoo

The woman was taken to a hospital Saturday following the incident. First responders from Rural Metro said she was attempting to take a selfie near the fence of the jaguar enclosure when the big cat reached out and attacked her arm.

In a statement, the zoo said witnesses reported the woman had crossed a barrier to get the photo.

"Please understand why barriers are put in place," the zoo tweeted.

The zoo said the animal was never out of her enclosure and the woman's injuries were not life-threatening. Video from the scene showed the woman had at least one very deep laceration on her arm.

Zoo officials told 12 News the woman called the zoo on Sunday morning to apologize for going over the barrier. 

The incident remains under investigation and the zoo said it was "sending prayers to the family."

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