A narrow vote happened in Washington D.C. overnight, shocking lawmakers as Arizona Senator, John McCain, gave a big thumbs down to an Affordable Care Act repeal bill. The startling blow killed a skinny measure that would have replaced parts of Obamacare.

The bill failed 49 to 51. Senator McCain, who returned to the senate earlier this week after his brain cancer diagnosis, cast the deciding vote that killed the plan.

Emotions ran strong following the vote coming out of the senate. Reaction ran from excitement to frustration at the U.S. Capitol, after senate republicans failed to pass their Affordable Care Act repeal bill.

McCain, whose dramatic no vote helped tank the repeal, was praised by Obamacare supporters as he walked to his car outside the Capitol. He told a reporter he voted no because, "It was the right vote."

Another republican who voted against the bill said it was hard to disappoint her colleagues.

But democratic senators celebrated with supporters outside the capitol, where cheers could be seen from every angle.

New York's Chuck Schumer, said the democratic victory had saved health care for the American people.

Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski, voted against the repeal.

"I sat there with Senator McCain," Murkowski said. "I think both of us recognize that it's very hard to disappoint your colleagues."

Senator Ted Cruz added that he will not give up. "Tonight was an unfortunate night," Cruz said. "It was a sad night, yet I don't believe this journey is over."

The Affordable Care Act repeal efforts appear to be stalled for the foreseeable future.