GLENDALE - A former Phoenix firefighter is being held without bond, charged with sexually assaulting a woman in a Glendale park. Police received multiple tips from the public just hours after releasing a composite sketch of their suspect.

The victim in this particular case played a central role in the arrest of 54-year-old Jeffrey Charles Wilson, not just because of the account she told police, but because she actually created the sketch.

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"I would say that the program we use is probably the most accurate,” says Tiffany Smith of the Glendale Police Dept.

Glendale is the only Arizona Police Dept. department using a digital sketch software called "Sketchcop" to create criminal images.

“They have multiple different facial features to choose from,” Smith says. “Then they can add each facial feature at a time. Then they can just figure out and re-see what fits."

What sticks out about this sketch is obvious: The mustache. It’s an over-exaggerated feature to some, but turns out is the most crucial element leading police to Wilson.

“We saw a lot on different social media sites saying, 'nobody has a mustache like that,'” Smith said. “But when you look at the sketch and booking photo, he looks just like it."

These sketches also hold up extremely well in court because it takes all possibility of detective bias out of the picture.

Wilson will be back before a judge on Oct. 5.