TEMPE, Ariz. - A Phoenix-area bar is giving women a unique way to get out of bad dates or potentially dangerous situations.

Low Key Piano Bar on Tempe's Mill Avenue is known for its dueling piano shows. But it now offers what’s known as Angel Shots. If you order one, it is code for “I need help.”

If you order one neat -- also known as straight up -- a bartender or security guard will walk you to your car.

Ask for it with ice, and someone will call you a taxi.

In a more serious situation, you can order one with lime, and they will call the police for you.

The owner of the piano bar says it's a better way to ask for help.

“We get females all the time and [they] say, ‘This guy is crazy. Can you do something with him?’” said Austin Walter, owner of the piano bar. “A lot of times, what happens is the male overhears them, and then they start flipping out.”

The name of the Angel Shots will change periodically, and they won't be publicized so you can discreetly ask for help if you need it.

You'll find the names of the drinks posted on the walls of the women's bathroom.

Walter said he got the idea from one of his bartenders. He hopes other bars will offer a similar system.