SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - A north Scottsdale teen was shocked after catching a man peeping through her window this past weekend. She said this was the second time it has happened to her.

The family’s security system first caught a man on camera back in August.

“It was a man looking through the window,” the teen said.

The 14-year-old ran to tell her father what she had seen that Saturday night on the other side of her bathroom window.

“I was shocked when I saw the person in the video, in my backyard, leaping over my wall,” her dad said.

The father asked 12 News to keep his family anonymous.

Then five months later the teen was “really shocked that it happened again.”

The family’s dogs got to work quick and chased the man away. The family didn't know whether it was the same person as before.

“It’s an agile human jumping through yards to look through windows,” the teen's dad said.

The father of the family called police.

Officer Kevin Watts with the Scottsdale Police Department emailed 12 News the following statement:

We respond to an address in the area on 1/19/2019 at approximately 5:30am reference a reported prowler. The subject had left the area prior to our arrival. Responding Officers checked the home, yard and surrounding neighborhood with negative results. There were no other reports of similar activity in the area. At this point there is not enough evidence present to establish a crime. Based on the past incident at the home the information on the current call is being forwarded to case detectives. The home owner is attempting to make copies of his surveillance video for PD. At this point we have no information that indicates cause for concern in the area. If that changes we will provide an update.

“I want him to get found. I just want to ask him why he did it to me,” the teen said.

“Somebody knows who this person is,” her dad said.

Neighbors in the area discussed stepping up their neighborhood watch to look out for each other.