PHOENIX - The Wilson School District serves about 1,300 students, ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade, and the students are in danger of losing their only resource officer.

Two schools comprise the district, which is located north of 30th and Van Buren streets, an area Principal Cynthia Campton said is riddled with crime.

"And when you're working in a higher crime area, and a low poverty area, it's important they have a rapport with these officers, because a lot of times our neighborhood will not call the police," Campton said.

The issue for the district comes down to funding.

Campton said they had been able to secure an officer through a federal fund with matching dollars from the city of Phoenix, but they were told this would be the last year for that arrangement.

The district attempted to secure the needed funds through a different grant but was not selected.

"The grants are competitive and there's only so much money," she said. "So we weren't one of the schools that was selected. It was frustrating for us based on the crime stats."

A GoFundMe account has been set up in an effort to help raise the needed funds to keep the officer on campus.

"It would be amazing if people could help us and we'd be so grateful and so thankful," she said.