PHOENIX - Educators across the state are mulling it over after Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled a plan Thursday that he said would provide teachers with a net pay raise of 20 percent by 2020.

Here’s how Ducey explained the plan would work at Thursday’s press conference.

“Last year’s budget combined with this year’s budget will result in a 10-percent increase in teacher pay in the base, ongoing, inflated,” Ducey said. “Next year’s budget will include another 5-percent increase. The year after that will include another 5 percent. That, combined with the pay increase provided last year, means by the beginning of the 2020 school year every Arizona teacher will have received a cumulative raise of 20 percent.”

Ducey’s complete K-12 funding proposal includes:

  • $105 M for statutorily required inflation adjustment (1.77 percent).
  • $34 M for a 1-percent FY 2018 teacher pay increase in the base level, adjusted for inflation.
  • $274 M for additional 9-percent teacher pay increase in the base level.
  • $100 M appropriation to district additional assistance (DAA), to partially restore DAA formula cuts.

The Arizona School Boards Association showed support for the plan in a news release Thursday, saying it “appears to be a significant plan.”

The ASBA said it estimates that increased funding for teacher raises and the reduction in the DAA cut will provide over $300 per pupil of additional funding to school districts next year.

Meanwhile, activists with the #RedforEd movement officially said no to Ducey’s proposal on Sunday, saying the plan only addresses a portion of their demands. They are asking for a return to pre-recession funding levels, a commitment of no new corporate tax cuts until that happens and raises for other school support staff members.

Teachers with the #RedforEd movement plan to vote this week to determine whether they will set a date for a strike.