PHOENIX — You may think you know what to do if the worst happens at work after watching one of those corporate training videos on active shooters. But what about at a bar, restaurant, even your church?

Mike Simpson with Marauders Tactical training says the rules are similar, but you have to think about where you are.

“Did we take note of the exits?” Simpson said. “Can we escape and get to safety?”

Simpson said that’s the first thing you should pay attention to. And, just like an airplane, the nearest exit could be behind you, or one in an employee area.

If you can’t run straight out, Simpson said you should find some sort of cover, and throw out all rules of politeness. Flip a table if you have to, he said, get anything between you and the shooter.

And if all else fails and you’re trapped, Simpson said you may have to fight, but fight smart.

Ambush the shooter if you can and fight for the gun like your life depends on it because by that point, it will.