TEMPE, Ariz. - The accident report, released Wednesday, gives a detailed account on what led to a crash last week that left one of Uber’s self-driving cars on its side.

According to the report, the driver of a Honda CRV -- identified as Alexandra Cole -- was attempting to make a left turn in Tempe onto Don Carlos Avenue from northbound McClinktock Drive.

Traffic was stopped in the two southbound lanes closest to Cole as she made the left turn, but traffic in the lane closest to the curb was not stopped.

"The light was green and there were about five seconds left on the crosswalk timer," Cole wrote in the report. "As far as I could tell, the third lane had no one coming in it so I was clear to make my turn. Right as I got to the middle lane about to cross the third I saw a car flying through the intersection but couldn't brake fast enough to completely avoid collision."

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Cole wrote that she pressed on the brake “as much as possible” but was unable to avoid the crash. She collided with a self-driving Volvo which then hit a light pole, rolled on its side and hit two more cars stopped in traffic. Behind the wheel was Patrick Murphy.

Murphy said he entered the intersection as the light turned yellow and saw Cole’s vehicle turning.

"There was no time to react as there was a blind spot created by the line of traffic in the southbound left lane on McClintock," Murphy wrote in the report.

Murphy said he was traveling at 38 mph, Cole’s speed was estimated at 20 mph.

Two witnesses stopped in traffic gave differing accounts to police. One said Cole's vehicle struck the Uber, while another blamed the Uber vehicle saying it was “trying to beat the light and hitting the gas so hard."

According to the report, police determined Cole "failed to yield" and she was cited. Murphy, the person behind the wheel of the Uber vehicle, did not receive a citation.

Uber temporarily suspended its pilot program for driverless cars in Arizona as a result of the crash. The program was reinstated Monday.