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Rentable electric scooters are here, but there are some rules you need to follow

Here are Scottsdale's city rules on electric scooter sharing.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - You can now rent an electric scooter to get where you need to go, but the rules on scooter sharing are a little more complex than bike sharing.

City officials in Scottsdale met with representatives from electric-vehicle sharing company Bird Wednesday morning to make sure Bird's services comply with city ordinances.

See, in Scottsdale, electric scooters are legally defined as motorized skateboards and are thus governed by a set of specific ordinances.

That means you can't ride an electric scooter:

- On public streets with four or more marked traffic lanes, or having a speed limit of more than 25 mph

- On any sidewalk, bicycle lane, unpaved trail or multiuse path

- Anywhere skateboards are prohibited

But you can ride an electric scooter:

- On public streets with speed limits under 25 mph

- On private property with permission of the property owner

- On public roadways within a city park

You also can't park the scooter anywhere, like people have been doing with dockless bike services. According to city laws, you can only park electric scooters on private property with permission of the property owner.

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Electric scooter riders on public streets must also follow all traffic laws, and if you're riding after sunset, the scooter must be equipped with appropriate head and rear lamps.

A spokesperson for Bird said the company was willing to comply with the rules:

We understand the City is updating their ordinance to govern new bicycle- and scooter-sharing platforms. Bird applauds these efforts and looks forward to working with the City to build a framework that permits us to continue providing Scottsdale with an affordable and convenient transportation option that reduces traffic and carbon emissions. Safety is our top priority, and we are also committed to working with the City to educate riders about safe riding and parking practices to protect the public right of way from all vehicles -- cars, bikes, and Birds."

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