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Rats chew large hole into sewer pipe connection under Downtown Phoenix home

Rat trouble continues in the Valley, the latest in a crawl space in Downtown Phoenix, where rats chewed a large hole into a rubber connection.

PHOENIX — Rat trouble in the Valley is taking a very destructive form in one Downtown Phoenix home's crawl space.

Rats have completely chewed through a sewer pipe connection, making a hole big enough for a fist to fit into. 

"The way that those pipes are connected with the rubber, the rats just chew right through that," said Chad Little, owner of Urban Desert Pest Control. 

Little said he sees holes like the one found in the crawl space of the home every day, even when citrus – which rats like – is not in season. 

"We see the exposed wires, all the wires that are chewed, we see the plumbing that's chewed out," Little said. 

Little said the rodents that made the large hole came in through the sewer. 

"This has nothing to do with cleanliness," Little said. "I think that's the biggest misnomer here, and I think that's why a lot of people just don't talk about it as much because they think it's something to do with cleanliness." 

Little's biggest tip is if you hear noises, or notice something isn't right in your house, call an expert. 

"They don't realize that the damage that the rats can actually do," Little said.

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