In our most recent Street Team story, I traveled out to the Metrocenter area, just off of I-17 and Northern. They’re doing a lot of great things out there.

PHOENIX - We found a great organization called ACCEL working with students with special needs reach their highest potential.

Last week, they were able to enjoy some new fields the Diamondbacks helped build for them. The fields are specially modified to help students between the ages of 5 and 22 develop certain motor and communication skills. Big shout out to the D-backs for their help!

I also spent some time at the Iraqi–American Society for Peace and Friendship, a place for new Iraqi refugees to learn English and to acquire jobs.

I found these people to be warm, eager to learn and very thankful for a second chance at life.

Trust me, this is no exaggeration. One of the women teaching English, was a lawyer in Iraq but left after paying a $30,000 ransom to get her son back from ISIS captors.

Others told me of loved ones -- sons, daughters, fathers and mothers -- killed by ISIS in front of their eyes.

So, they have come here, hundreds of them, seeking a better life, a second chance, many coming here with just the clothes on their back.

It is so sad, yet so uplifting to see people ready to learn and ready to experience true freedom.